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Hello..! Welcome to “techlearn.in“. Thanks for visiting my website. This website is design, develop and managed by “Purushotham Karimbedu” and I have 6+ years of experience in Automation(Selenium, Web Service, Sikuli/AutoIT, Jenkins, Maven, Log4j and Github),Manual testing and Development(Drupal and WordPress). I am very passionate about fetching new things about technology over the Internet. This … Read more About Us

TestNG Tutorial

TestNG Introduction:- TestNG is a unit test framework designed for testing needs (developers / Test Engineers).   TestNG is an open-source test automation framework, where NG stands for Next Generation.   TestNG inspired from Junit and Nuit but introduced some new functionalities, that made TestNG is more powerfull than Junit and Nuint frameworks.   It … Read more TestNG Tutorial

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