Agile Model:
Agile is a software development methodology that is used to build software incrementally. It is derived from the iterative and incremental model. In Agile both the Development and Testing activities will be taken care of simultaneously which in turn reduces the resources utilization, cost, and time when compared to the other methodologies like Waterfall, V-Model, Spiral Model, Fish Model, RAD Model, and Bigbang Model, etc…

Under Agile methodology, we have many main Agile Methodologies frameworks like 

  1. Scrum
  2. Kanban
  3. XP-Extreme Programming
  4. ASD-Adaptive Software Development
  5. DSDM-Dynamic Systems Development Method
  6. Crystal

The agile Kanban Framework focuses on imagining the entire project on boards to increase project transparency and collaboration between team members.

We are planning to use our project the scrum model.

The scrum model is an iterative and incremental model.

All faces of the SDLC life cycle will be performed parallel in the scrum model.

The scrum model contains the below activities. 

1) Scrum master.

2) Sprint Planning

3) Scrum calls/DSM/Scrum Meeting

4) Sprint Meeting

5) Sprint Review

6) Sprint Retrospective

7) Sprint backlog

8) and other activities will Update Soon…..!

1) Scrum Master:-

He is a Facilitator (PM). He is going to lead the entire project with the scrum model.

He is responsible to conduct scrum calls / Scrum meetings and Sprint meetings / Assign Tickets or User Stories.

2) Sprint Plan:-

Sprint is nothing but a period of time. It could be 2 weeks or 3 weeks. The client and scrum master will decide the sprint.

The activity(Requirement) that the team is going to deliver to the client during the sprint is known as a sprint plan. 

3) Scrum Calls / DSM- Daily Stand-up Meeting:-

All the team members who are working on the Project (BA, Analysis Team, Dev Team, Testing Team, Design Team) will participate in the scrum meeting. It is a quick meeting and the duration of the meeting is not more than 30 minutes. 

Every day before going to perform the actual task/work we will participate in the scrum meeting. 

Where every team member will discuss what task what perform yesterday and what kind of challenges (Problem) is phase then what task perform today will be discussed in this meeting.

Clint also participates in the scrum meeting.

4) Sprint Meeting:-

Once the sprint plan is completed we have to go for the next sprint.

What task we are going to perform in the next sprint plan will be discussed in the meeting is called the sprint meeting.

We will also discuss what kind of challenges in the previous sprint will be discussed here.


Every day we are interacting with all the team members on the project. So we can maintain transparency and the task can be delivered effectively.

Every sprint will be delivered to the client if any requirements need to be changed. We can easily update the new requirement in the sprint.

Time can be utilized very effectively in the scrum model.

5) Sprint Backlog:-
Update Soon…!

6) Sprint Retrospective:-
Update Soon…!

7) Etc….. Update Soon…!