Employee Roles Hierarchy/Order for a Project/Product:

Well it depends from organization to organization.

In India, it mostly follows like this in many organizations:
1. Trainee or Associate Software Engineer. [Till 1 year]
2. Software Engineer [1year – 3year]
3. Senior Software Engineer [3year – 5 year]
4. Technical Lead/ Lead Engineer [ 5year – 9 year]
5. Technical Manager / Architect / Principal Engineer [ 9 years+]

Passing/Sending the information from one department to another department is known as Release.
Ex: Movie

Sending the Project/Product from one organization to another organization is known has Deliver.
Ex: CD, DVD.
The ownership will change when you are delivered the project.

Internet based applications can be access to world-wide with unlimited number of users.
For example: Gmail, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Flipkart and Etc…

Intranet based application can be accessed world-wide with limited number of resources.
Example: Application which are limited to the companies.