SDLC - Software Development Life Cycle

Planning and Requirement

Phase-2: Analysis
Phase-3: Designing
Phase-4: Development/Coding/Implementation
Phase-5: Testing
Phase-6: Deployment
Phase-7: Maintenance

Phase-1: Planning and Requirement:-

Roles involved in the phase is
BA – Business Analyst
PM – Project Manager
EM – Engagement Manager
BA will meet the client and collect or gather all the requirements in a requirement template document. Once all the requirements are gathered then the company and client will sign off the requirements template document.
The signed document is known as
SRS – System/Software Requirement Specification
BDD – Business Design Document
BD – Business Document
Functional requirement document
The project manager will help the BA with collecting the requirement and he will also monitor all the phases.
EM: –
He is responsible to maintain the repo and relation between the client and company and he is also responsible to take care of the extra requirement and extra costs of the project.
Once the requirement of signed off the BA is responsible for the prototype to the client.
Prototype: –
It is a rough and rapidly develop the application.
It doesn’t contain the actual functionalities of the application (Project/Product).
It will help the both Client and BA to get the complete requirement.
Once the prototype is developed, BA is responsible to present the prototype to the client is known as “POC”.
POC means Proof Of Concept.

Phase-2: Analysis: –
The high-level management like Delivery manager-DM, PM, TPM, BA, TL,.. will involve in the phase.
They will perform the below activities in this phase
1) Feasibility study
2) Technology selection
3) Resource plan
4) H/W & S/W plan

1) Feasibility Study:-
Feasible means Possible or Not?
The high-level management will take each & every requirement and check whether it is possible to develop all the requirements or not?
If possible how many days it will take to develop all the requirements (TimeLine) will be described in a document.

2) Technology Selection:-
The technologies which are required to develop the project will be described in a document.
Ex: Java, Oracle, Server-Tomcat, Drupal, WordPress, and QA-Manual, Automation Testing like Selenium, Sikuli, Git, and Jenkins…..

3) Resource Plan:-
The number of resources like Manager, Designer, Developer, Testers, DB, and Deveops..Etc.. who are required to develop and deliver the project will be described here.

4) H/W & S/W Plan :-
The list of missions, laptops, mobiles, etc.. which are required to develop the project will be described here and also the software’s which are required in the hardware will be described.
All the above will be documented in the project plan. The plan will be sent to the client.