Phase-3: Designing :-
Roles involved in the design phase are Chief Architect, BA, PM will review(Read & Analyses) the SRS document in all requirements and they will divide into Modules and Submodules.
Note: The group of related functionalities is nothing but a Module.
CA will divide the requirement into modules with the help of UML – Unified Modelling Languages.
It is also known as Architectural Diagram. It will be documented in a document called a design document.

Phase-4 : Development / Coding / Implementation :-

Roles: Developers, BA, PM will involve in this phase.

Developers will develop the source code for the project.

Once the source code is stable (Working Properly) then they will check into the “Central Repository”.

The development Lead will checkout the source code from the Central Repository and he will convert it to the Source code to Build then the build will be released to the Testing team.

BA will help the developers to understand the requirements.

PM will monitor. (Verify the phase)


The process of uploading the files/sourcecode into the central repository is known as check-in.


The process of downloading the source code from the central repository is known as checkout.


The process of converting the source code to executable code (.exe, .jar, .war) is nothing but build.