Selenium Remote Control

selenium 1 - selenium remote control

RC stands for Remote Controle and Selenium 1.

Selenium RC is a server that allows users to create test scripts in the desired programming languages.

It allows executing test scripts within a large spectrum of browsers(all browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safri, Opera, etc.)

It is a server and it lanches all the browsers but one browser at a time.

It acts as Application Programing Interface(API) and Library.

Required to start the server before executing the test script.

It standalone java program which allows you to run Html test suites.

It is easy and small API & APIs are ls Object-oriented.


Disadvantages of RC:-

Here every time you can start the Selenium RC server you can run the script first you will start the RC Proxy server.

For example, you can edit one line or one letter after that you can compulsory before run the execution you must start on the RC proxy server. It is a little bit difficult.

It doesn’t support moving mouse cursors.

It does not support test iPhone/Android applications.

It doesn’t support Record and playback.

Some time port number doesnot work, that time you can change port number . It is very deficult change the port number .(Change port number path is: Run–> External Tools –>External tool configuration –> add the “Argument” as –>{ -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.44.0.jar -port 1234 } ) 

RC Commands :-

   ✰  public DefaultSelenium selenium=new DefaultSelenium(“localhost”,5826,”*firefox”,”“);


    ✰  selenium.start();   //—–>


     ✰““);   //—–>


     ✰ selenium.windowMaximize();   //—–>


     ✰ selenium.type(“Name”, “chinna”);   //—–>


     ✰“Enter”);   //—–>


     ✰  selenium.waitForPageToLoad(“9000”);   //—–> //9secs 


    ✰  selenium.setTimeout(“100000”);   //—–>


    ✰   Thread.sleep(2000);   //—–>


     ✰  selenium.windowFocus();   //—–>


     ✰“day”, “21”);  //—–> select dropdown

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