Jenkins is CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) tool which will help you to run tests in an easy manner.

Jenkins is an open source continuous integration tool which is written in Java.

When your test cases/scripts are ready and you want to handover to the client or manual testing team so that they can trigger these test cases using single click on “Build Now” then Jenkins is the best choice.

Using Jenkins we can create a build (Build – set of Test cases combined together) and we can run easily using a batch file or Git or build.xml or SVN etc.

Build Periodically:- In Jenkins, we can schedule the build periodically

Example- You want to run 100 Test cases daily at 10 pm then Jenkins will take care of this based on our pattern it will trigger your build.

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Email-Notification:- Jenkins provides notification emails to once build passed or failed to respective recipients (Depends on email configuration).