Selenium WebDriver Commands

11. Selenium Verification methods: getTitle(); getCurrentUrl(); getText(); 12. Verify the text, images, text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes methods: isDisplayed(); isEnabled(); isSelected(); 13. File Upload methods in Selenium: To upload a file we can use sendKeys() method. driver.findElement(By.xpath(“input field”)).sendKeys(“path of the file to upload”);

List of All Selenium WebDriver Commands with Examples

1. Browser Launch commands: driver = new ChromeDriver(); driver = new FirefoxDriver(); driver = new EdgeDriver(); driver = new OperaDriver(); driver = new SafariDriver(); 2. Navigation methods: get(“”); navigate().to(“”); navigate().back(); navigate().forward(); navigate().refresh(); 3. Browser Close methods: close(); quit(); 4. Browser Maximize and Minimize methods: manage().window().maximize(); manage().window().minimize (); 5. Identify the web elements methods: findElement() It … Read more