Demo Client Test Page

  1. From which Content Type content we need to pull data for Hero Content in Hero Featured Content?
    • Admin should be able to pull data from any content type on the site or an external URL. If there isn’t relevant information, like an image, the admin should be able to choose their own. Additionally, the admin should be able to override a pulled image should they choose to.
  2. What are the Hero Content – Content types(Post Types) and Non-Hero Content – Content types(Post Types)?
    • These are Article Pages and User Boards
  3. Popular Subjects – What need to be displayed in this component? If we need to display Category’s as a subject, which level of category we need to display (i.e. We have 3 levels categories)
    • All three levels should be able to appear here
  4. Ad Placements – What type of ads we need show (Google Ads / CMS Ads)?
    • I’ll create a separate ticket for required ad networks