TestNG is an Free (Open-Source) unit test automation framework for Java. TestNG is developed on the same manner as JUnit and NUnit unit frameworks, but introduced some new advanced features and functionalities provided by TestNG, because of that TestNG is more powerfull than Junit and Nuint frameworks. The TestNG in NG stands for “Next Generation“. … Read more


Jenkins is CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) tool which will help you to run tests in an easy manner. Jenkins is an open source continuous integration tool which is written in Java. When your test cases/scripts are ready and you want to handover to the client or manual testing team so that they can … Read more

Log4j Tutorial

While developing Java/J2EE applications, for debugging an application that is to know the status of a java application at its execution time, in general we use system.out.println statements in the application right… But we have some disadvantages while using SOPL (system.out.println) statements. Generally SOPL statements are printed on the console, so there are temporary messages … Read more